Customization made easy

If customization of bioanalytical tools or separation materials resemble a scientific or economic bottleneck in your company, a very unique approach can help:

Our proprietary technologies MATE and Autodisplay enable the development and production of coating materials for customized SPR biochips, ELISA-assays as well as separation and detox materials. Two options are possible:
(A) stripping off and adhering the outer membrane of the cell,
(B) adhering whole cells displaying the heterologous protein/enzyme of interest.

This enables the cost-efficient production of fully customized bioanalytical tools and separation materials. On top of that, sensitivity can be enhanced significantly.

Find out how our products and services can drive your R&D efforts and/or product portfolio to the next level.

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  • Solving scientific and economic bottlenecks is our top priority
  • Our products & services have the right cost-benefit ratio
  • We have vast experience in working with challenging of enzymes
  • Our technologies have been developed to deliver quick results

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We solve scientific and economic bottlenecks!

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